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What is a Gamer?

We previously wrote a blog about gaming itself, “What is gaming?”. Gaming is playing digital games on electronic devices such as your PC, console, tablet or smartphone. You can game alone, together or against others. Those other gamers can be in the same room, but – with online gaming – also be on the other side of the world.

But when are you actually a gamer? And what do you need to be able to call yourself a gamer? We give you useful tips below.


What is a gamer?

What does “gamer” mean? A gamer is, according to the dictionary:

  1. Fan of digital games
  2. Someone who plays video games

Wikipedia also has a nice definition:

“A gamer is a person who plays interactive games, especially video games, table role-playing and skill-based card games, and who usually plays for a long time. Some gamers are competitive, which means they compete for money in some games. ”


How do you become a gamer?

But are you a gamer if you play such an interactive game once? Or are you only a gamer if you do it structurally and for a long time? Or are you only a gamer if you game professionally? How do you become a gamer?

  • Start playing games: You want to become good at gaming so you have to make a lot of flying hours, you have to practice. Keep a balance between gaming and your other daily and social activities. There are so many different types of genres to choose from. As a gamer you can specialise in a particular genre, but you can also go broad and try out all different types of genres.
  • Make sure you have the right gear: A good game computer or console, a mouse, a microphone or headphones so that you can communicate with other gamers. As you have been able to read in the blog “All about gaming”, you can suffer from the – many – games of your shoulders, neck and back. So make sure you can game in a good posture. So invest in a good desk and / or good chair.
  • Familiarize yourself with the language (the slang) and the culture: Know what’s going on in the gaming world, stay informed by reading forums, watching vlogs on YouTube and keeping a close eye on whether, when and what updates are coming. That’s how you get involved in the gaming community.


How do you become a professional gamer?

To become a pro gamer, so to play games and earn money for that, it is useful to take the following steps.

  • Practice, practice, practice. As a pro gamer you play against the best gamers in the world, so make sure you are well prepared.
  • Find a sponsor. Because you spend most of your time gaming due to a lot of practice, it is useful to find a sponsor who can cover your costs (because you probably don’t really get around to working).
  • Participate in tournaments. This way you put yourself in the spotlight, possibly also with sponsors and you immediately practice against the best gamers out there at that time.
  • Watch live streams and read forums. Many pro gamers stream their own matches. By looking you also learn a lot.
  • Build your network within the gaming community. Know who your opponents are and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Arrange a posse of people around you who support you in your ambition, find someone better than you to spar and game with.

Also try to keep your own physical and mental health good with these steps: professional gaming is also a top dump, where your body and mind must also remain in top condition to perform as well as possible.


What does a gamer need?

What do you need as a gamer? Gear, gear, gear and a place where you can store all that gear: your game room. What’s in your game room?

  1. Your game setup: game computer (every game has different system requirements, pay attention when purchasing a game computer), console, controllers, computer mouse, mouse pad (note extra anti-RSI functions)
  2. Good gaming chair: because you will be spending a lot of time in this chair, it must sit well and preferably ergonomically. Think about whether you are a PC gamer or prefer to play with consoles. This will influence the choice of your gaming chair.
  3. Desk: if you are a PC gamer you need a spacious desk.
  4. Monitor: preferably a high definition monitor, so that you get great effects and the sharpest image.
  5. Speakers: the sound often makes the movie and also the game. So make sure you have good quality speakers.
  6. Headphone + microphone: to ensure that not everyone (always) is bothered by your gaming behaviour and that you stay in touch with your gaming friends, you need headphones and a microphone or headset.


What does a gamer earn?

As a professional gamer, you earn money in different ways. The main ways are:

  1. Sponsorship: for a collaboration with a sponsor or for an advertising campaign, for example, you earn a fixed amount per month or per project / campaign per collaboration.
  2. Prize money: The most money, however, can be made by winning tournaments (or at least finishing high). If you win the Fortnite tournament you will earn USD 3million.

The average salary of a professional gamer is between EUR 20,000 and 200,000.


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