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What is FIFA Points?

FIFA Points is the payment method in the game FIFA, with which you can increase your playing pleasure. FIFA is a soccer simulation game that allows the players to play with a country or club. The game has been around since 1993 and was developed by EA Sports. Every year in September a new version is released with updates of teams, players and leagues. In addition, editions of European and World Cups will also be published. The latest version of the game is FIFA 20. FIFA 21 will be released in October 2020. You play FIFA on your PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Ultimate Team is FIFA’s most popular mode. Here you choose from thousands of footballers, bring football fans from all over the world together, with content based on the actual performance of teams during the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. To play Ultimate Team online you need a subscription for PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold or Nintendo Switch Online.


What are FIFA Points?

Fifa points are the currency, the in-game credits, that you use in FIA 19 and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team to buy player packs and draft tokens. That way you put together your ultimate team. You can buy players with Fifa points, instead of unlocking them by playing. This increases your fun and accelerates your progress in the football world by becoming faster and better than your opponents.

What can you use your FIFA Points for? This allows you to buy packs from the FIFA Store that include old and new players, trainers and other staff members and kits. You can use these items yourself, but you can also sell them for new FIFA Points. With the FIFA Points you also get access to FIFA Draft, which allows you to put together the best team.


How expensive are FIFA Points?

What are the prices of FIFA Points? The prices may differ, because you can sometimes take advantage of attractive discounts. That way you can sometimes get cheap FIFA Points. To give you an idea of ​​the approximate prices of the FIFA Points, you can see the prices below:

  • 500 Points: £3.99
  • 750 Points: £5.99
  • 1050 Points: £7.99
  • 1600 Points: £11.99
  • 2200 Points: £15.99
  • 4600 Points: £31.99
  • 12000 Points: £79.99

Which consoles can you buy FIFA Points for?

FIFA Points are offered online for free. Do not trust these sites. It is often a scam where your personal information is stolen. You can earn FIFA Points by playing the game (well).

Buy FIFA Points with a PSN Card and an Xbox gift card, with Google Play, App Store & iTunes, Nintendo gift card. How can you redeem the codes?

FIFA Points for PS4

  1. Select your account
  2. Press the up key on your control pad to open the “Features” menu
  3. Go to “Settings” – “PlayStation Network” – “Account Information” – “Wallet” – “Add Money” and press the X button.
  4. Choose “Redeem code”
  5. Enter your 12-digit code and choose “Continue”


FIFA Points for PS3

  1. Select your account or log in
  2. In PlayStation Store, go to the bottom of the left menu
  3. Choose “Redeem Codes”
  4. Enter your 12-digit code and choose “Continue”


FIFA Points for Xbox One

  1. On the Home screen go to “Store”
  2. Under Games select “Browse all games”
  3. Select “Use a code”
  4. Sign in with your Microsoft account
  5. Select “Enter the 25-digit code”
  6. Enter the code and click on “Done / Confirm”


FIFA Points for Xbox 360

  1. Sign in to Xbox Live
  2. Press the Guide button on your controller
  3. Go to “Games and apps”
  4. Select “Redeem Code”
  5. Enter the 25-character code and select “Done”

Then you can play to your heart’s content. How do you find out how many FIFA Points you have left? To do this, go to the Ultimate Team menu. There you can see how many Points you have left in the top left of the screen. Your FIFA Points are valid indefinitely.


Waar kan ik FIFA Points kopen?

Je kunt FIFA Points op talloze plekken kopen. In fysieke verkooppunten vind je ze in tabakswinkels, supermarkten, boekhandels en elektronicazaken zoals de MediaMarkt. Online kun je FIFA Points op nog meer plekken kopen. Nogmaals, let goed op dat je niet probeert gratis punten te krijgen als die je beloofd worden (dat is vaak namelijk een scam).


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