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Your homebase for game,
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Your homebase for game,
gift & prepaid cards!

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What is a Gamer?

Wondering when you can actually call yourself a “gamer”, what you need as a gamer and how you can earn money as a gamer? Then quickly read this blog.

Frequently asked questions about prepaid cards

How to top up prepaid credit?

For those who don’t want to be stuck in a contract, there’s prepaid. As the name suggests, you pay your minutes, texts and data upfront. No (excessive) bill at the end of the month. By using your data, minutes and texts, your credit balance will decrease to the extent you’ll have a zero credit balance. When it comes to that point, it is time to top up your prepaid credit balance. Back in the days you had to top up your credit balance by texting a code to your mobile provider. This is still a – much used – way to top up your credit balance, but you could also do so online and pay by card or via PayPal.

How to check your prepaid balance?

There are several ways to check the remainder of your prepaid balance. Either by calling or texting a certain number or by checking your balance online through the mobile app or website of your provider.

How to top up your balance online?

Topping up online is very simple and, also important, quickly! Take your desktop, tablet or smartphone, go to a website that offers topping up prepaid credit online (pay attention to the site being a certified supplier to avoid becoming a victim of online scams). Type in your mobile number and click the amount you would like to top up your prepaid balance with. Pay by iDeal, PayPal or credit card. As follows, your prepaid credit balance is topped up and you are ready to use your phone again.

Frequently asked questions about gift cards

How do gift cards work?

A gift card is a card that represents a specified value. In case you are not sure what to buy someone, you could given them a such a card. The receiver of the card may freely spend the value on the card at affiliated web shops and physical points of sale. You do not need to spend the amount on the card in one go. Just use the remaining balance on the card the next time you shop, even if you are shopping at another different – affiliate – point of sale.

When buying a gift card at a physical point of sale, such as the Albert Heijn, just pay for the gift card in cash or by card. When using the card in a physical store as well, the gift card works the same way a debit card does. If the receiver of the gift card spends the amount on the card in an online store, he or she can pay with the gift card by typing in the 16 figure code shown on the card.

When buying the gift card itself online, easily click on the type of card you wish to buy and the value you wish to add to the card and pay (for example via iDeal). You can choose to either receive a physical card at home or digitally in your mailbox (in the form of a 16 figure code with which you can pay online).

Where can I buy gift cards?

you can buy gift cards on many different places, both physical points of sale as online. If online, please ensure yourself you are buying a gift card from a certified point of sale (lots of internet scams).

Where can I spend gift cards?

Gift cards can be spend on more places you could ever think of. Books, clothing, entertainment, restaurants….just be creative, there is probably a gift card you can use.

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