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Lycamobile Top Up Vouchers

Lycamobile pay as you go credit is the perfect way to stay connected to your friends and family, no matter where they are. Mobile top-up is a great way to make sure you are never left without credit and using a Lycamobile top up voucher it has never been easier for you to phone topped-up.

All you need to do is select the Lycamobile UK top-up amount you require, then enter in your email address and preferred payment method and wait to receive your top-up voucher. Then it is just a case of enter your voucher PIN on your phone to redeem your top-up voucher.


What is Lycamobile top up?

Lycamobile top-up is an easy way to top-up your balance on your pay as you go Lyca mobile phone. You can purchase a Lycamobile top-up voucher and activate the pin code by following the dialling instructions on the voucher.

Lycamobile top-up vouchers you can keep you phone in credit no matter where you are. With a Lycamobile top-up voucher, it has never been simpler to put credit onto your phone, so whether you need to top up £5, £10 or even £100, you can buy a voucher to keep you in contact with your friends and family.


How do I top-up my Lycamobile with a voucher?

It has never easier to top-up your Lycamobile phone, you can effortlessly top-up your Lycamobile phone in two simple ways.

  1. Enter *131*PIN# on your Lyca mobile phone (remember to replace PIN with the PIN that appears on your voucher. Press confirm and your phone will be topped-up with-in 30 seconds.
  2. Call 321 or #92 and follow the spoken instructions to redeem your Lycamobile voucher.


Can I top up my Lycamobile phone online?

You can register your details with Lycamobile online and use your purchased Lycamobile voucher online to top-up your mobile phone. All you need to do after registering your details is to activate your PIN code by using Lycamobile’s online top-up service and redeem your voucher online.


How much can I top up on Lycamobile?

You can top-up £5, £10, £20, £30, £50 or £100 on Lycamobile with a top-up voucher.  All you need to do is select the amount you wish to top-up your mobile with, purchase the gift voucher and follow the steps below in how to redeem your Lycamobile top-up voucher.

There is no limit to how much you can top-up on your phone, but with Lycamobile top-up voucher you can control when you put credit on your phone.


How long does my Lyca top up last?

Lycamobile top-ups last for 90 days from the moment you redeem your voucher. Remember that in order to keep hold of your Lyca credit you must make a charged call every 120 days, otherwise you risk having your Lyca SIM card being frozen or deactivated.


Lyca top up abroad?

Stuck abroad and run out of credit? Don’t worry, topping-up your Lycamobile phone aboard is easy with a Lycamobile top-up voucher. Just purchase a voucher for the amount you need, then simply call your credit number no matter which country you are in by dialling +44 7404 000 321. Enter in your voucher PIN and you will receive a confirmation text when your credit has been loaded on to your mobile phone.


How do I redeem my Lycamobile top up gift card/voucher?

Redeeming a Lycamobile top-up voucher is extremely easy and can be done in two different ways. You can either redeem your Lycamobile voucher online or on your mobile phone.

To redeem online:

  1. Purchase you chosen Lycamobile top-up voucher
  2. Register your details with Lycamobile online
  3. Then use Lycamobile’s Online Top-Up page to active your vouchers unique PIN number
  4. Enter in your PIN and your funds will be redeemed on your Lycamobile SIM


To redeem on your phone:

  1. Purchase your Lycamobile voucher online and wait to receive an email with your voucher PIN
  2. On your dial pad on your mobile phone, enter *131*PIN# – remember to replace PIN with the PIN that appears on your voucher that your received in your email
  3. Press confirm and your phone will be top-up with-in 30 seconds.

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