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What is Neosurf?

You may have heard of it and wondered: Neosurf, what is that? Neosurf is a simple and safe way to pay and play online with cash. Neosurf offers, in addition to Paysafecard and CASHlib, a way to easily and securely pay with cash without disclosing your personal information.

Neosurf focuses mainly on African countries, but is also available and available in European countries and New Zealand. More and more people from all over the world are choosing to pay online with Neosurf vouchers. Buying and using Neosurf coupons is simple and easy. You do not need to register or provide any personal information and your Neosurf voucher is ready to use immediately. In addition, you earn Neomiles with every purchase.


How does Neosurf work?

With Neosurf you can easily pay online without having to provide your credit card or other personal data. You can easily buy your Neosurf voucher at a point of sale such as a kiosk or online point of sale. With Neosurf you exchange your money for a Neosurf pin code, which is printed on the voucher. You can use this pin code online at thousands of points of sale to pay online.

The voucher has a certain value and the shopper can make purchases up to this voucher value. Any unused value will remain on the voucher for future use. Neosurf makes it easier to purchase low-value items such as mobile services, ringtones, mobile games, online games, music, photos and gifts.


How can you make a payment with Neosurf?

To make a payment via Neosurf, follow the steps below:

  1. On the payment page, select the payment method: “Neosurf”.
  2. You will be redirected to the Neosurf website.
  3. Enter the voucher number.
  4. Neosurf validates the voucher and returns a real-time payment confirmation to Worldpay.



Where can you buy a Neourf card?

ou may be wondering, where can I buy a Neosurf card? You can get Neosurf in several outlets. Such as local shops, supermarkets, petrol stations, newsagents, tobacconists, kiosks and internet cafes.

  1. Go to the nearest point of sale. To find out which store is closest to you, go to
  2. Ask for a Neosurf money voucher in the value in which you are looking for a voucher. You can pay for this voucher contact. You will then receive a voucher with a 10-digit Neosurf voucher code. You must keep this voucher code, because you will use it to pay online. So, what are Neosurf coupons? That is the voucher that contains your code and with which you can access thousands of points online.
  3. Use the PIN to pay online on more than a thousand websites that accept Neosurf.

In addition, you can of course buy Neosurf online, even if you don’t have a credit card!


Where can you pay with Neosurf credit?

Pay and play online, safe and secure with Neosurf credit. With Neosurf you pay securely online with Neosurf vouchers on popular gaming and entertainment websites. Or use your Neosurf voucher to top up your balance on e-wallets and prepaid cards.

Choose from an extensive selection of well-known online brands that accept online payments with Neosurf vouchers. Here you will find a selection of websites that accept Neosurf vouchers.

Online Casino Websites:

  • Everest Poker
  • Netbet
  • Turbopoker
  • PMU

Payment Services:

  • Neoreload
  • MyNeosurf
  • Neteller
  • Poste Cash (Afrika)
  • Baraka (Afrika)


  • Habbo
  • Aeriagames
  • League ofLegends
  • GoodGame Studio
  • Travian Games
  • Dark Orbit
  • Hero Online
  • Farnerama

Recharge a prepaid credit card:

  • Neoreload
  • Net+
  • Veritas
  • Ecocard
  • PosteCash


  •  VOIP Buster
  • VoiceTrading
  • Equideow
  • Pactole

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