Buy books online with your Kobo Gift Card

Is your bookcase full and you simply have no space for the latest work of your favorite writer? Can’t get enough of the written word but rather read an e-book? With your Kobo Gift Card you can now buy books on Rakuten Kobo that will not fill your bookcase further.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kobo Gift Cards

What is a Kobo Gift Card?

Our Kobo Gift Card is available with a credit of 10, 25 or 50 pound. You can use this credit to buy books in the form of e-books or audiobooks on the Rakuten Kobo website. Even better is to give the Kobo Gift Card as a gift to someone who likes to read books.

Buying your gift card is very easy. Select the amount of your credit, choose one of the secure payment methods, enter your email address and complete your order. We will send you an email with a code and the instructions on how to redeem this code at Choose from the huge selection of ebooks and audiobooks. Read all chapters in no time!

Which account do I need to redeem my Kobo gift card?

With your Kobo Gift Card you can read books about Rakuten Kobo when you create a Kobo Account. Have you bought or received a Kobo gift card? Then go to and exchange your card by entering the code during checkout.

How can I redeem my purchased Kobo gift card?

Redeeming your Kobo Gift Card is very easy.
Follow the steps below and before you know it you will be sitting comfortably in your chair reading or listening.

  1. Go to
  2. Fill your shopping cart with the e-books or audiobooks of your choice.
  3. Click on pay.
  4. Please answer the question “Do you have a gift card?” With “Yes”.
  5. Enter your Kobo gift card number and click apply.
  6. Click save and continue and hoppa those books are yours!

If you have any credit left, it will be saved and deducted from your next purchase. More information can be found at: