Buy your CASHU Prepaid Card online

Do you often shop online, and you need a safe and secure payment method that protects your personal information? On ReloadBase we offer you CASHU cards, simply select the card that you want to buy, and you will receive the code instantly via email.

Frequently Asked Questions about CASHU

What is CASHU?

It’s a safe and secure online payment method. It serves approximately 2.3 million customers with an easy and secure online paying method.

How can I pay by CASHU?

Simply choose CASHU as your payment method when purchasing from a CASHU merchant, then enter the code of your card when checking out, and the amount will be deducted, it’s as simple as that!

How does CASHU work?

You can buy many online products or services from over than 7000 online merchants who accept CASHU as a payment method. You will receive a code of your CASHU card by email, this card can be used instantly. Remember to redeem your card within 1 year after your purchase.

How can I check my CASHU balance?

  1. Login to your CASHU wallet.
  2. Navigate to your “My Account” and then go to “Account Statement”.
  3. Below “Wallet Transactions” write the date range of the transactions that you want to view, then click “View”.

What can I buy using CASHU?

CASHU has more than 7000 merchants such as EA Games, PlayStation, and Facebook. You can find all CASHU merchants through here:

Can I use my CASHU code to make multiple purchases?

Yes, as long as you have sufficient credit in your card you can make as much purchases as you want.

Can I buy a CASHU gift card for family and friends?

You can send CASHU as a gift card to a family member or a friend easily by downloading a personalized CASHU gift card then sending it through email, or you can even print it. It will only take a few seconds to have the perfect gift for an online shopper!