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What is Google Play?

Google fan or Apple fan? And where can you buy games, apps and more? For Apple it is the App Store, for Google it is the Google Play Store (often just “Google Play”). Are you curious about what Google Play can do and what the differences are with App Store?

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What is Google Play Services?

Google Play is the largest app store with three million. The range of Google Play consists of applications and games developed for Android, Google’s operating system, and for Google itself. Google Play was founded as Android Market in 2008, but when it started to compete with Apple’s App Store, the name was changed to Google Play. This also allowed other forms of entertainment to be pushed under Google Play, such as books, movies, music, and news and magazines.

Do you have a Google device? Then Google Play is automatically on that device. You can recognise the app by the triangle, the forward sign, and the colours of Google.


What does Google Play services do?

Google Play Services connects apps with other Google services, such as Logging in to Google and Google Maps, synchronizing your contacts and updating your privacy settings. So Services is not the same as Google Play Store app. This Services app is installed by default on most Google devices.


What is Google Play Music?

That’s another service from Google Play that allows you to listen to the radio for free, contains a large music collection, and is actually a major music streaming service. It was previously announced that Google Play Music will merge into YouTube Music. This is expected to happen in 2020.


How does the Google Play card work?

This is another example of a gift card that you can use for a particular streaming service, in this case for all services of Google Play. The gift card represents a value that you can use when purchasing apps, games, music, movies, books and more! How the card works? As with any gift card, you must redeem the credit on your gift card. You do this by entering the code provided on the card in your Google Play account (go to If you have exchanged your card, the credit will be in your Google Play account and you can use this when purchasing the (for example) app that you would like to have on your phone. The gift cards come in many different amounts and can be obtained at physical sales points and especially online. At online web shops where they sell the cards, or ask for the code of your already purchased gift card, make sure you do not fall for a scam. Google has a handy check where you can verify if you are dealing with a fraudulent website:


What is the difference between App Store and Google Play Store?

The main difference between the App Store and Google Play Store is that the Apple App Store is made for iOS (Apple) devices and Google Play for Android (Google) devices. If you look further, there are more differences.

Broadly speaking, all app stores are the same, because they offer approximately the same products and you can pay for these products in the same ways.

Google Play has the largest selection, but the App Store has the largest selection for tablet apps.


Pros and cons of the Google Play card

The Google Play card has many advantages, you can give someone a nice gift, you can pay for the card in many different ways, gives credit to the largest app store in the world!


What should you do if Google Play isn’t working?

Like the apps themselves, Google Play may (sometimes) not work or crash. What do you have to do then? Some tips:

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Sometimes it could be that there is a bug in the updates of the Google Play Store. Then try to remove those updates. If you go to applications in your settings, select Google Play Store and you can choose “Uninstall updates”. Then turn your device off and on again, it should work again.
  3. When it comes to a phone or tablet, you can connect it to your computer. This sometimes helps to restart your Google Play Store.
  4. Does none of this work? Then go for a factory reset.


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