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What is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​an indispensable part of Dutch – and worldwide – living rooms. Netflix was one of the first streaming service for series, films and documentaries. In the meantime, “Netflixing” is a verb, the statement Netflix & Chill has gained cult status (and is now even for sale as a horribly delicious ice cream flavour at Ben & Jerry’s). Are you curious about how Netflix works, how expensive Netflix is ​​and what the offer is?


What is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​a streaming service that offers subscriptions for streaming films, series and documentaries. The American company once started renting out DVDs indefinitely (yes, really), but thankfully grew with technological developments and quickly became a service that is currently available worldwide.

For the techies among us: Netflix became an SVOD: subscription video on demand. What to? A network service where the user of the service determines where and when he wants to watch video. The network service uses streaming: with this you do not download a film or series and therefore it does not take up space on your disk, but you receive and send data (media) in a continuous stream through a network. So you need a good internet connection while watching.

What makes Netflix unique is that the company also develops and produces its own series and films. You can recognise this by the title Netflix Originals (think of House of Cards and Making a Murderer).


What does Netflix cost?

Well and good, but what does a subscription to Netflix actually cost? The costs of a Netflix subscription vary per country and per subscription. In the Netherlands, Netflix offers three different subscriptions. You can choose the subscription that best suits you and your viewing needs! But now specifically, how expensive is Netflix ?!

Netflix always offered a one-month free trial so you could find out if it’s right for you, but recently announced that the free month no longer applies.

Netflix offers three different subscriptions: a basic, a standard and a premium subscription. The basic subscription costs £5.99 per month, the standard subscription £8.99 per month and the premium subscription costs £11.99 per month.

Of course, the more expensive the subscription gets, the more expensive the subscription, the more options you get. We list the differences for you below. With the basic subscription you can watch content on one screen at a time. The standard subscription not only offers the possibility to watch content on two screens at the same time (which means that two users of the subscription can watch a movie or series at the same time on their own device), but also to view the content in HD. Finally, the premium subscription gives you the opportunity to watch four people at the same time, from their own device, their own film or series. In addition, content can be viewed in Ultra HD.


How does Netflix work?

Netflix is ​​very user-friendly. As soon as you have taken out a subscription, you can use Netflix. You log in to your account with your personal login details and see the number of users when opening your account (which depends on your subscription). If you click on an empty user you can create a profile with your name and viewing preferences. This is useful because you can keep track of your lists. Netflix searches for films and series that suit you based on your viewing habits. That way you come up with new ideas.


What’s coming on Netflix?

The Netflix offer is very wide. Who has not ever spent an evening on the couch looking for a nice movie or series (instead of actually watching that movie or series)?

The Netflix offer differs per country, because Netflix also shows local or regional productions that do not apply to other countries. In addition, there is a varying range in the sense that a lot of new content is added and sometimes also goes off.

Netflix broadcasts films and series that it has produced itself, as well as “other” content. What’s on Netflix? Everyone wonders that. Netflix nowadays often announces the arrival of new series and films in advance.

A selection of the most famous series and films: House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Narcos, Grace and Frankie, Sex Education, After Life, BoJack Horseman, Modern Family, Making a Murderer, The King, The Irishman, Kill Bill… and so on. Online or in your Netflix app you can see what is expected in new content soon.


How do I install Netflix on my TV?

As mentioned, you can watch Netlfix on many different devices. One of these is of course via your TV. Your TV must be suitable for Netflix if you prefer to watch it that way. For this you need a smart TV. Do you want to check whether your smart TV has a Netflix app? Maybe your TV remote control has a special Netflix button. Otherwise you can find your app with the other internet services that your smart TV offers.

You can often watch Netflix even without a smart TV. For example, do you have an Apple TV or a Google Chromecast. Then you can get the signal to your television from the Netflix app on your phone.


How do I download Netflix?

You don’t have to download Netflix when you watch online. You simply go to in your browser, fill in your account information and your Netflix account will open.

If you watch Netflix in other ways, for example on your TV, you will have to download the Netflix app (if the app is not yet on the device of your choice).

The app can be found in the app store of your, for example, smartphone and can be downloaded for free.


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