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What is Prepaid Mastercard?


A Prepaid Mastercard is a more convent and safer way to buy online as you do not risk having your personal credit and debit card information being stolen or hacked. One of the great benefits of using a prepaid card rather than your own personal credit or debit card is that it acts just like a credit or debit card but gives you more protection online.

Getting your hands on a Prepaid Mastercard is simple and takes just a few clicks. Just select the amount you want to put on the card and check out. You will then receive your Prepaid Mastercard details via email with the instructions on how to start using your card online.

Just like a credit or debit card, a Prepaid Mastercard features a 16-digit card number and e-pin that you can use online. To use your Prepaid Mastercard online just go to any checkout that lets you use Mastercard and enter in your Prepaid Mastercard details like you would with any other card. It really is that simple and safer than using your own personal cards.


An easier way to pay with a Prepaid Mastercard

Paying online with a Prepaid Mastercard is easy and no different than using either your credit or debit card. In fact, it is just like using your credit or debit card. Just enter in your Prepaid Mastercard details at the checkout and you will be able use your prepaid credit on your card to purchase what you want online. Never worry about overspending on your Prepaid Mastercard as you can only ever spend the amount you put onto the card, so you don’t need to watch out for surprise overspending fees.


Get your Prepaid Mastercard in a matter of seconds

Don’t want to wait days for your card to arrive in the post? Then don’t, as your Prepaid Mastercard is sent to you straight away via email. Once you have chosen how much you want to put onto your Prepaid Mastercard, you will receive your new Prepaid Mastercard details in a matter of seconds. As you get them you are ready to start using it online.

You can get a Prepaid Mastercard without having to fill out a single form or go through an application process – you don’t even need to link your bank account to your Prepaid Mastercard. Just buy the amount you want and get your virtual card sent to your email address instantly.


How do I redeem my Prepaid Mastercard?

Redeeming your Prepaid Mastercard has never been easier. Once you have selected the amount of credit you want to purchase you will be sent an email with details on how to redeem it.

Once redeemed you will be sent your details of your Prepaid Mastercard: card number, security code, pin and expiration date. You will use these details to pay online with Prepaid Mastercard just as you would with a credit or debit card.


For how long is my Prepaid Mastercard valid for?

Your Prepaid Mastercard must be redeemed within four months of purchasing it, otherwise you will not be able to redeem your prepaid credit anymore. Your Prepaid Mastercard is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, and only for six months in the United States.


What are the benefits of using a Prepaid Mastercard?

A Prepaid Mastercard is the safest way to buy online. Never risk your personal card information online again, a Prepaid Mastercard takes all the threat of buying online out of the equation. Mastercard is globally recognised brand and is the preferred payment service on virtually all online shops, a Prepaid Mastercard works just like a Mastercard and can be used in the exact same way. All you need to do is enter in your new Prepaid Mastercard details at the checkout and you will be able to use your credit to buy online.

Another great benefit of having a Prepaid Master card is that you will never overspend. You can only use the credit that you load onto the card meaning it is a great way to budget your money and not worry about going over your card limit. Plus, never be surprised with an unexpected fee with a Prepaid Mastercard.


Is Prepaid Mastercard safe?

Using a Prepaid Mastercard online instead of your own personal credit or debit card is a much safer way to spend your money online. The risk of using your own personal cards online and having your details stolen means your entire bank account is at risk of having your money taken.

A Prepaid Master card only has the money that you put onto it. Should it ever be accessed by someone looking to steal your personal information and money, they will only get the money that you loaded on the card. Another great benefit that makes using a Prepaid Mastercard safer is that it is not linked to your personal bank information – so no matter what happens, your personal information and finances remain safe and untouched.


Can I get a Prepaid Mastercard as a gift?

Do you have an internet shopper in your life? Well a Prepaid Mastercard makes the perfect present for them, it also makes a fantastic present for a family that might be living overseas or for a younger person who is just starting to shop online. They do not need a bank account to use a Prepaid Mastercard, just load it up with the amount of credit you want to give, and they will be able to use the card online without any hassle.


Can I use my Prepaid Mastercard for online subscriptions?

Any sort of prepaid card is best suited for singular purchases rather than monthly or yearly subscription purchases. For example, sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime might not accept a prepaid card as a valid payment option for their service, as they might not be able to take another payment from that card as it cannot be topped-up.

Use your prepaid card to buy anything that does not feature a reoccurring purchase, singular payments in full is the best way to use your Prepaid Mastercard to avoid the card be rejected at the checkout.


How can I keep track of my Prepaid Mastercard?

To keep track of your remaining credit with your Prepaid Mastercard you can download a virtual wallet to your mobile device and activate your card onto it. Once you have successfully added your card, you will be able to track your purchases, see how much credit you have left and even be able to top-up your card with another Prepaid Mastercard code.

Downloading an app is simple and adding your card takes a matter of moments, just enter in your card details and you will be able to see how much you have left on it. A great app to track your Prepaid credit is My Digital Wallet – available for free on IOS and Android.

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