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What is Apple App Store?

The Apple App Store is a digital store for applications and games developed for iOS, Apple’s operating system. Do you have an iPhone, iPod, iPad or MacBook? Then there is automatically an App Store on your device. You can recognise this app by the blue square containing an “A” of a kind of Mikado sticks. Incidentally, the devices of App contain a number of standard apps, such as FaceTime, Contacts, Wallet and Cards.

In the App Store, you can choose from “Today”, “Games”, “Apps”, “Arcade” and “Search”. You will find both paid and free apps and games. You will also find business apps, apps for private use, apps for personal development, education, sports, think about it and there is an app for it. You will not find music, books, films and series on the App Store. For music, films and series you can go to iTunes and for books on Books.


How does the App Store work?

As soon as you log in to your (new) Apple device, you will be asked to create an Apple ID. This is in fact your Apple account. You need these when purchasing free and paid apps and games. You can set which data is required to make a purchase: by typing in your password, by face recognition or your fingerprint. When setting up your Apple ID, you do not have to set up your payment information immediately, for the purchase of free or paid apps or games you have that payment information, in the form of a credit card or an apple gift card.


How do you download apps from the App Store?

To download paid or free apps, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your App Store.
  2. Go to the “Search” or “Search” tab (depending on your operating system) and then in the search bar. If “Search” is not there, tap directly in the search bar at the top.
  3. Enter a search term that refers to the app you are looking for.
  4. Tap “Search” on the keyboard.
  5. The search results will then appear. Tap an app to read the description.
  6. In the description of the app, tap the price and optionally “Buy” (or “Download” for a free app or game).
  7. Then use your fingerprint, facial recognition or enter the password for your Apple ID (depends on the type of device you have and the settings of that device).
  8. Tap “Log in” or “OK”.
  9. If you have not yet linked payment details to your Apple ID, you will then receive a notification from. Tap “Continue” at the prompt. Then choose a payment method, enter all your details and tap “Done” (with a free app or game, this will be downloaded and installed immediately). You can then click “Open” in the App Store to open the app or game.


How does the Apple gift card work?

With an Apple gift card, the App Store & iTunes card, you can give someone an amount as a gift (or yourself, if you prefer not to use a credit card to purchase an app or a game). You can choose a certain amount in a store or at the affiliated online stores. You pay this via credit card, iDeal or PayPal. After payment you will receive a code by e-mail, which represents the value you have chosen. You enter this code on your Apple device and you can then use it for your App Store or your iTunes. What can you buy with it? Very much! Apps, games, music, movies, books and more.

To use this card you need a Dutch Apple ID. Since the credit on your card is then linked to your Apple ID, you can redeem the App Store & iTunes card on different Apple devices.

How do you link your App Store & iTunes card to your Apple ID? From your desktop, go to and enter the code on your card (after you have logged in to your Apple ID). You can also go to your account in your App Store on your Apple device and then go to “Redeem gift card or code”. You can then scan the gift card so that the Apple device reads the code, or enter it manually. From then on you can use the value for the purchase of apps, games, music, movies, books and more. The credit is valid indefinitely.


Problems with the App Store?

If you have an apple device, the apple app store app is usually standard on your device. Some people complain that they can no longer find their app store, are afraid that they have accidentally deleted the app store and have to download and install the app store again. This is not the case, because you cannot delete the app store. First try to find the app with your search function, it may be somewhere in a sub folder. It is also possible that certain settings are not correct.

  1. Then go to “Settings”.
  2. Tap “Screen Time> Restrictions”.
  3. If the switch is green, tap “iTunes Store and App Store.”
  4. If you see the label “Don’t allow” behind “Install apps”, you’ve found your solution! Tap the label to switch it to “Allow”.
  5. You should find your App Store again!


In addition, the app store connection may also fail. Check the following options to determine why the connection failed:

  1. Check your own internet connection.
  2. Check whether you have properly performed all software updates.
  3. Check whether time and date are set for your time zone.
  4. Check “System Status” on the Apple website to see if there is a national or regional outage.


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