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What is Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold lets you play online with your friends on your Xbox One, on the fastest and most reliable gaming network. Gaming is better with Xbox Live Gold as you can experience a fun and competitive online multiplayer gaming experience – across Xbox One and Windows 10.

Gold membership lets you talk to your friends and create party’s and clans that all your friends can join. Stay connected with your gaming community anywhere you go, with Xbox Live Gold you can play in more places by simply logging in to your account and having all your games at your fingertips.

Get free games every months and exclusive store discounts with Xbox Live Gold. Each month, you can download three free games that you can play whenever you want, and the best part is you get to keep them forever. Not only do you get free games, but you can also get great discounts all-year round through the Xbox store on some of the biggest games out there today.


Xbox Live Gold Membership

Xbox Live Gold membership is Xbox’s online service that lets players play games online via multiplayer, connect with friends, and give them access to exclusive Xbox Live content, such as free games and discounts. You can purchase Xbox Live Gold membership in 1, 3 or 12 month gift cards that you can redeem on your Xbox One console in the Xbox Store.


What is an Xbox Live Gold gift card?

An Xbox Live Gold gift card is an online digital code that you can use to redeem Xbox Live Gold membership on an any Xbox One or 360 console. Gift cards can used pay for Xbox Live Gold membership for you, or you can give it as a gift for a friend to redeem on their console.

Gift cards can only be used once and redeem on one account – the contents/membership cannot be transferred to another account, so it is important you are redeeming it on the right account.


Do I need Xbox Live Gold membership to play online?

Yes, Xbox Live Gold is required to play multiplayer online. Whether you want to fly solo and test your skills online or team up with your friends to unlock the hardest achievements, Xbox Live Gold is required to play online.


Will an Xbox Live Gold gift card work on my Xbox One?

Yes, Xbox Live Gold membership can be redeemed on an Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Xbox 360. Each gift card contains one unique code that can be redeem on your console via the Xbox store for the number of months purchased.


Xbox Live Gold: play together with Gold

Join the millions of gamers playing online with Xbox Live Gold on the most advanced gaming network. Don’t let anyone hold you back as you and your friends take on the toughest challenges together – Whether you are a competitive player looking to raise your game or want to explore new worlds with your friends, Xbox Live Gold takes you to the next level.

Discover the full power of your Xbox and games with Gold, play some of the biggest titles out there with the likes of Halo 5, Forza Horizon 4 and Destiny 2 as you unleash your consoles full potential.


Games with Gold

Enjoy three free games every month with Xbox Live Gold membership. With a mix of blockbuster titles, exciting indie games, and even Xbox 360 classics – discover new adventures each month with your Xbox Live Gold Membership.


Deals with Gold

Not only do you get free games with Gold membership, Xbox Live members get access to some the best deals on games – that are only available on Xbox. With regular discounts on great games such as The Crew 2, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and W2K20, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.


Free play days

Ever wanted to try before you buy? With Xbox Live Gold membership, you can – throughout the year get limited access to the latest games to try out on your Xbox for free. With access to hundreds of the world biggest games, you can experience a game first-hand and literally, try before you buy.


What are the key features of Xbox Live?

  • Play together online with your friends
  • The most advance and reliable gaming networking
  • 3 free games every month
  • Huge game discounts all year round
  • Free trails of the latest games


A safe way to play with Xbox Live

Using a Xbox Live card is the safest way to play online. Simply buy your card online at the best price and enter your unique code on your Xbox One to get online. Keep your card details safe and off your console by being in control of when you pay.


How to redeem a Xbox Live gift card?

It is simple to redeem your Xbox Live gift card:

  1. Purchase your game card safely online with Reload Base.
  2. You will receive an email with your unique code that you will use to redeem your Xbox Live membership.
  3. On your Xbox One, go to the store and select ‘Redeem Code’.
  4. Carefully enter in your code, press enter, and you’re done.
  5. Get online and enjoy the great benefits of Xbox Live Gold!


Important Information for Xbox Live

You can only use an Xbox Live Gold gift card/ voucher code once.

It is not possible to transfer funds or content between two account, so make sure you are redeeming the code on the correct account.


Using an Xbox Live gift card if you are under the age of 18

You can redeem an Xbox Live Gold membership if you are under the age of 18, but subscription benefits, such as monthly games and online multiplayer, will be limited by age ratings and parental controls that are pre-set on your Xbox Live account.

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