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What is Playstation Now?

Earlier we wrote a blog about PlayStation Plus, the online gaming subscription from PlayStation for PS 4, PS 3 and Playstation Vita that greatly increases your PlayStation playing pleasure. You get access to two free games every month, you can upload game saves so that you can continue playing at your friends’ homes, as a member you get a lot of extra discount, you can use Share Play and you can test beta’s.

PlayStation offers yet another attractive subscription called PlayStation Now. PlayStation Now is a streaming service from PlayStation where you have access to hundreds of games. Are you curious about the exact difference between PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus? And how PlayStation Now can increase your PlayStation gaming pleasure? We will explain it to you in great detail.


What is Playstation Now?

Difference Playstation Plus and Now

PlayStation Now is a subscription form of PlayStation that gives you access to more than 800 games. You can stream PS4, PS3 and PS2 games directly to your PS4 or PC with it. Moreover, you can download hundreds of PS4 games to play on your PS4. PlayStation Now is therefore available on PS4 and PC. Before you buy a PlayStation Now, is it useful to know what the difference is between a PlayStation Now membership and a PlayStation Plus membership? We list those differences for you.

  • Subscription type: PlayStation Plus is considered Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live subscription. PlayStation Plus offers a discount and many free games for PlayStation Plus members. PlayStation Now is a subscription-based streaming service that can be seen as the video game variant of Netflix
  • What does the subscription entail: PlayStation Plus is a requirement for all PS4 games if you want to game online. You also get access to free PS4 games every month, a discount in the PlayStation Store, you can be one of the first to test new betas and you have 100GB of cloud storage space. With PlayStation Now you can stream popular games from the large PlayStation Now library (more than 800 games). You can easily stream this through PlayStation Now to PS4, PC, Sony Television and tablet.
  • What type of player: PlayStation Plus is the place to go as a gamer if you want the very latest: get access to the latest betas, demos and games. In addition, you will receive a discount on some of the most popular titles in PlayStation’s library. As a gamer you can go to PlayStation Now if you enjoy playing a lot of different games, the games that Sony has released over the years. You get instant access to a generous collection of games that can be streamed to many different devices.


How does a Playstation Now subscription work?

First try the PlayStation Now subscription for free with a 7-day trial subscription. Are you convinced and would you like to take out a PlayStation Now subscription? You do that like this!

If you play from a PC, you must download the PlayStation Now app. If you play from a PS4, you can access PlayStation Now via the icon in the home screen and via PlayStation Store.

From your PS4:

  1. Log in with your details
  2. Go to the PlayStation Store
  3. Select PlayStation Now and download the app
  4. Start the app and log in or create an account.

PlayStation Now is a continuous subscription, so you pay a monthly subscription fee. If you want to cancel the subscription, do this as follows:

For PS4:

  1. Go to Settings – Account Management – Account Information – PlayStation Subscriptions.
  2. Select the subscription you are going to cancel.
  3. Select Disable auto-renew.

For PC:

  1. Log in to Account Management.
  2. Select Subscription.
  3. Select Turn off auto-renew.


Curious about the costs of a PlayStation Now (subscription)? You can get them in three different sizes and types:

  • PS Now – 1 month: EUR 9.99
  • PS Now – 3 months: EUR 24.99
  • PS Now – 12 months: 59.99

Good to know: because your PlayStation Now subscription is linked to your PSN account, you can play PlayStation Now games on different devices. Simply log in with your PSN account on another PS4 or PC. The progress you have made in the games you are streaming is simply saved.


Playstation Now Prepaid card, where to buy?

Do you find a continuous subscription annoying because it gives you less control over your expenses? We can imagine that. Fortunately, PlayStation Now has found something for this. The PlayStation Now Prepaid subscription cards! This way you can activate your PlayStation Now subscription without linking your bank or credit card details to your account. For this you buy a PlayStation Network Card, which is a prepaid payment card with which you can top up your PSN wallet. You can activate your PlayStation Now subscription from your wallet. Please note: once your subscription has been activated, it will continue. If your wallet has a low balance, the balance will be automatically topped up via other payment methods that you have registered. If you have not registered any other payment methods, your subscription will stop when the period has ended.

You buy prepaid cards from EUR 10.


Playstation Now Payment options

You can pay for your PlayStation Now subscription in various ways. These payment methods are accepted in the PlayStation Store:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

You can also purchase PlayStation without a creditcard:

  • PayPal
  • PaySafecard
  • iDeal


Below you will find an overview of Game Cards that we offer at an affordable price:

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