Buy your Netflix Gift Card online

Do you want to watch Netflix yourself or give a Netflix subscription to someone else? With a Netflix gift card you can easily renew or activate a membership without a credit card. ReloadBase is a reliable supplier of Netflix gift cards, so you are 100% sure that you will receive a valid Netflix gift card code.

Frequently Asked Questions about Netflix

What is a Netflix gift card?

With the Netflix gift voucher you can easily top up and buy Netflix credit. You can use this credit for an existing Netflix membership, but you can also start a new subscription with it. Use the Netflix gift plan for yourself or do someone else a favor. You can choose from the Netflix gift cards of 25 pound and 50 pound and there is a variable Netflix prepaid card for which you choose any amount between 25 and 150 pound.

What can I do with a Netflix gift card code?

An advantage of the Netflix gift card is that you keep control over your expenses. You are not bound by monthly costs and can actually use Netflix without a subscription. You don’t need a credit card; the costs are automatically deducted from the balance of your gift card.

How long will my Netflix subscription last?

The duration of your Netflix subscription depends on the Netflix gift card you have selected. As soon as your credit runs out, you will receive a message from Netflix. If you want to keep watching Netflix, you can easily arrange an extension by purchasing a new gift card. Are you eligible for a free trial? Then you will receive a free month of Netflix on top of your Netflix credit.

In what ways can I watch Netflix?

Netflix is ​​a worldwide streaming service that allows you to watch movies, series and documentaries anytime, anywhere. You watch Netflix via your Smart TV, but also via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC and game console, such as your PlayStation or Xbox.

How do I get my Netflix gift card?

After ordering the Netflix voucher you will immediately receive a unique Netflix gift card code on your screen and via e-mail. You can then easily redeem your Netflix code. Netflix cards do not have an expiration date and can therefore be used indefinitely.

How do I redeem my Netflix gift card?

To activate a Netflix gift card: Go to and enter the Netflix gift code. Are you new to Netflix? You will then be asked to create a Netflix account. If you already have a Netflix account, your gift card balance will simply be added to your account. The next payment will be deducted from the balance of your gift card. Do you want to buy a Netflix voucher and do you have questions about this? Then visit the Netflix Help Center.