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What is EA Origin?

EA Origin is a place where all your games are store together making it easier than ever to play, buy and experience the latest games EA has to offer, on PC and Mac. The Origin platform lets you keep all your EA games together, so whether you bought a game digitally online or are redeeming a physical disk key code, you can easily play all your games in one place.

With EA Origin, you can download and store games, expansion packs, and patches that will automatically keep your games up to date. Plus, be part of the Origin community, with social chats and places to talk to your friends online while you play.

You can use EA Origin to buy EA games, new demos and expansion packs for EA’s massive catalogue of games. Buying through Origin is the safest way to buy officially EA licenced games, plus once you buy a game, it will always be available on your account, no matter what computer or laptop you are using.


What is an EA Origin gift card?

Use your EA Origin gift card to purchase EA games, expansion passes and other exclusive EA content via the Origin Platform. You can buy an EA Origin gift card and use it to top up your EA digital wallet that can you can use in a transaction instead of using a credit or debit card.

When you buy gift cards online, they are sent to you by email with a digital code that you can use to redeem online or on the Origin platform.


How do I redeem my EA Origin gift card?

Redeeming an EA Origin gift card is simple and easy to do. First, purchase the gift card you want, and you will receive an email with your unique code. Open Origin either in your browser or on your desktop and go to your EA account, select ‘redeem gift card’, and you will be able to enter your gift card code. Once you have entered your code, you will see your new balance in your account, and you will be able to use it to purchase games or expansion passes.


How do I use my EA Origin gift card?

To use your EA Origin gift card at checkout, you first need to redeem it. Once you have redeemed it, you will be able to use the option at checkout to purchase a game or expansion pass using your preloaded credit. Select that option, and it will use that credit to buy the game.

Any credit left over after you purchase a game will be available to use instantly, you can also use your gift card credit with a credit or debit card transaction on EA Origin. Please note, Origin will prioritise the use of your gift card credit.


All your games in one place with EA Origin

With EA Origin all your games are kept in one place and are ready to play whenever you want. Play and store all of your favourite games from EA, including the latest releases from The Sims, Plants vs Zombies, Anthem, Madden, FIFA and Battlefield, plus many more.

Once you have bought a game through EA Origin, you keep that game forever, and you can take it wherever you want. All you need to do is log in to your Origin account on any computer or laptop and instantly download and play your favourite games.

Get access to the latest demos and news with EA Origin so you can keep up to date with EA’s newest releases. You can download a demo and keep it in your EA Origin library, so it is always there for you to play.


Exclusive discounts

Purchasing games through EA Origin gives you access to some of the best deals on EA titles. Just go to the store and see what games are currently on offer and use your EA Origin gift card to add them to your games library.

Plus, discover great deals on expansion packs and exclusive EA content that is on offer. You can use your EA Origin gift card to purchase this content and have them instantly added to your games.


The perfect gift

Do you have a PC gamer in your life? Then an EA Origin gift card is an excellent present for any gamer. You can buy an EA Origin gift card for someone else, just purchase the gift card online and send them the email with the gift code in it and they will be able to redeem it on their EA Origin account. It is that simple.


The safest way to buy games online

If you are worried about using your debit or credit card online, you can use an EA Origin gift card instead to purchase games online. Buying a gift card is safe, and one of the easiest way to purchase gaming content online. If you do not want to have your credit or debit card linked to an account, an EA Origin Gift Card is an excellent alternative as it does not save your card details.

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