Buy your Prepaid Mastercard online

All you have to do is to select the amount of credit that you want on your prepaid Mastercard to make payments for all your needs – online shopping, bill payments or everyday purchases. Prepaid cards provide an easier and safer way to pay in cash, and they are accepted at all Mastercard locations.

Frequently asked questions about Prepaid Mastercard

What is a Prepaid Mastercard?

A Prepaid Mastercard is a convenient and secure way to shop online, as you don’t risk your personal information and credit being stolen or hacked.

A great advantage of using a prepaid Mastercard over your own personal credit or debit card is that it acts like a credit or debit card but with more protection online, because it doesn’t risk your personal information to be hacked or your credit to be stolen.

How can I check my Prepaid Mastercard balance?

You can simply keep track of your spending by downloading a virtual wallet to your mobile device then add your card to it.

You will be able to check how much credit you spend on purchases and how much credit you have left, as well as you can top-up your card with another Prepaid Mastercard code.

A recommended app as a virtual wallet is My Digital Wallet, it’s available for free on iOS and Android devices.

How do I get a Prepaid Mastercard?

You don’t have to wait many days to get your Prepaid Mastercard in the post, because you can simply choose the amount of credit that you want, then you will receive your card details via email immediately.

The details will include: Card number, Security code, PIN and Expiration date. With these details you can make all the purchases that you want. 

Can I send a Prepaid Mastercard as a gift card?

Yes, you can send a Prepaid Mastercard as a gift card for anyone by sending the card details to them. It can be a great gift for an online shopper! Simply choose the amount of credit that you want to give, and it will be usable immediately.

What are the advantages of a Prepaid Mastercard?

A Prepaid Mastercard never risks your personal information to be exposed, and it is a global payment method that is recognised on all online stores. It works the same way as a Mastercard and can be used the same way as well.

Simply write your Prepaid Mastercard details at the checkout and that’s all it takes to make a purchase online. Your Prepaid Mastercard will make sure that you’re never overspending, because you can only use the amount of credit that you charged the card with.

So, with a Prepaid Mastercard you can budget your money with no worries from overspending. Another great advantage is that you will not be surprised with any extra fees.

How long is my Prepaid Mastercard valid?

After purchasing your card, you will receive an email explaining how to redeem it, and you have 4 months to do so, otherwise it will expire. You Prepaid Mastercard remains valid for 12 months after purchasing it.