How does ReloadBase work?

Our Services

You can buy calling credit, entertainment credit, game credit and prepaid credit cards for various online providers from us.
Want to buy credit? On our website you will find all the information about different providers. If you have other questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.



Through our website you can buy credit for different providers. The terms and conditions of the providers apply to the use of the credit.


Buy credit

If you buy credit, you will receive a digital code from us with which you can top up your account. The provider is the actual supplier of the credit or service. An agreement is made between you and the provider as soon as you activate the credit. is the intermediary. The provider is responsible for ensuring that you can actually use the credit.

The description of the goods of the different providers on our website has been prepared as carefully as possible. Errors in the descriptions of our offers and/or in the images shown are not binding and we and/or the provider do not assume any liability.

In the offer on our website you will find all information and costs for buying credit via our website. Additional charges, such as service fees for the services we provide to you, will be listed with your purchase.


Preventing abuse or fraud

We actively detect abuse and fraud (including unauthorized use of a payment method, theft, fraud, embezzlement and more). All purchases of credit through our website may be monitored for abuse and fraud. Once we suspect or discover abuse or fraud, we will cancel an order or credit and not issue a digital code.

If we suspect unauthorized use, we may ask for a copy of a valid ID, bank statement and/or other documents. After this additional check, we may decide to issue the digital code, but we are not obliged to do so. We take these measures to ensure that the process of purchasing credit through our website is safe for you and everyone else.


Secure payments

Our website provides a secure way to buy digital credit. As soon as you have bought the credit, you will receive the digital code by e-mail with which you can use your credit immediately. Make sure you enter the correct e-mail address during the purchasing process. That way you can be sure to receive your digital code immediately.

Our payment methods are Paypal and Creditcard.


Your digital code immediately

As soon as the client receives the digital code, the credit can be used immediately. A placed order cannot be cancelled. The cooling-off period and withdrawal period of 14 days do not apply due to the nature of the products supplied. Thus, there is no cooling-off period and revocation period. Customer agrees to a direct delivery of the product after payment (both pre- and post-payment) and expressly waives the cooling-off period and the right of withdrawal.

The reason for deviating from the right of withdrawal is that a product cannot be returned because it is impossible to find out whether the product has already been used. This concerns digital products of which the seal is broken immediately after delivery. The nature of the products to be delivered precludes any cooling-off period and the right of withdrawal, except in the case of delayed payment. In that case, the code has not yet been received and the product could be revoked; the burden of proof is on the client.


Prevent misuse of your code

Remember that codes have a digital value (they are digital goods) that can be redeemed immediately. This means that you can use your code immediately upon receipt. Someone else can if they have access to the code. Keep the code to yourself and do not share it with others. This way you prevent abuse.


Your personal data

We assume that you give us the correct contact information when ordering. We use your email address and phone number to send you the digital code you purchased. We also use your email address to keep in touch with you. For example, we may send you discounts, newsletters and other offers we think you’ll find interesting. We have technical and operational measures in place to protect your contact and personal information. Please review our privacy policy to learn how you can access or change your personal information. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters and offers, you can always unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link in our newsletters. View our privacy policy for more information on how we protect your personal data.



We try to make topping up and buying digital credit as easy as possible. Do you still have questions about our services? Our customer service will be happy to help. We do our best to answer every question within 24 hours. Do you have questions about the services of a provider? We recommend that you first contact the provider, so that they can work with you to find a solution. Is the provider unable to find a solution? Then we, as an intermediary, will try to help you further. Please contact our customer service via our contact page. If you have any other questions, please see our frequently asked questions page.


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The platform is employed by ReloadBase B.V.

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