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Three Top Up Vouchers


What is Three top up?

Three top-up is an easy way to top-up your balance on your Three mobile. You can top-up between £10 – £50 with a Three top-up voucher either using your mobile, your My3 account or online via Three’s web top-up. Each time your purchase a voucher you get a unique 16-digit code that you can use to top-up your mobile phone.


How do I top up my Three pay as you go?

There are three ways to top-up your Three pay as you go mobile phone. You can either top-up via your mobile device, online via your My3 account or using Three’s web top-up. Each way is a great way to make sure you keep your phone topped-up and lets you easily use a Three top-up voucher.


Can I top up my Three phone online?

Yes, top-up your Three mobile online by simply signing into your My3 account. Once logged in, select ‘top up my account’ from your home page, then click ‘top-up by voucher’. Then all you need to do is enter in your 16-digit voucher code and you’re all done.

Another way to top-up online is via Three’s web top-up portal. Simply go to ‘Three web top-up’, enter in the mobile number you wish to top-up, select ‘voucher’, enter in your 16-digit code you’re all done.


How much can I top up on Three?

You can top-up your Three mobile between £10 – £50, with £10 being the minimum amount to top-up. All you need to do is select the amount you wish to top-up, purchase the voucher and you will be sent a unique code for that amount of money.

By calling 444 on your mobile (which is free to do), select top-up with voucher, enter in your 16-digit code you purchased, and your phone will now have the amount you selected.


What are Three add-ons?

Three add-ons are a great way to convert your credit into useful extra add-ons like data, calls or texts at the best prices. Converting your credit into an add-on is quick and easy and can be redeem with a Three top-up voucher. After redeeming a voucher on your phone all you need to do is select an add-on and choose what you want to convert your credit in to.


What is the difference between a Three top-up and a Three add-on?

Three top-up is when your credit is running low, just top-up to get more credit. When you top-up with either your card or by a voucher you get Three’s standard rates and your credits lasts until you use all of it.

Three add-ons are extras you can buy using your credit – you do not need to top-up first if you already have credit as you can convert any current credit into add-ons. The benefits of Three add-ons is that your money goes further as you get better rates on your calls, texts and data usage. Remember, Three add-ons only last for 30 or 90 days – so make sure you use up your add-ons.


3 mobile top up abroad?

Need to top-up abroad? It is important to note that you cannot buy a top-up voucher abroad as you might not be able to redeem it on your phone or online. If you need to top-up on your travels, Three recommends that you call ‘444’ and top-up over the phone using a debit or credit card.

If you have access to the internet you will be able to use Three’s web top-up to redeem a voucher – just make sure the voucher is valid for the region you are in, otherwise it might not work.


How do I redeem my Three top up gift card/voucher?

It has never been easier to top-up your Three phone and you can do it whichever way suits you.

On your Three Phone:


  1. Call ‘444’ for free on your Three mobile
  2. Select the option ‘top up with voucher’
  3. Enter your voucher code/number from your confirmation email
  4. All done!


On you My3 account:


  1. Log into your My3 account
  2. Click on ‘top-up my account’ from the home page
  3. Select ‘top-up by voucher’
  4. Enter in your 16-digit code
  5. All done!


Three web top-up:


  1. Go to Three’s web top-up page
  2. Enter in the mobile number you wish to top-up
  3. Select voucher
  4. Enter your 16-digit code
  5. All done!

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