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Cashlib voucher 20

CASHlib vouchers offer a real alternative when it comes to paying on the internet, allowing you to spend your money online using a unique 16-digit code. Choose the total balance you want and use multiple vouchers at the same time while keeping control of your spending. Buy vouchers whenever you want, without the need for a credit card or registration. The ideal solution if you don’t have a credit card or just don’t want to use it online!

Where can I buy CASHlib?

You may be wondering, where can I buy CASHlib? CASHlib can be obtained from a number of affiliated sales outlets, called Business Partners. Besides CASHlib, these shops also sell prepaid credit cards from various providers. To find out which shop is closest to you, go to
You can also buy CASHlib vouchers online. You can pay these vouchers with Trustly, Neosurf & Paypal. After the checkout process you will receive a code in your inbox.
Would you like to buy CASHlib? Then ReloadBase is the place to be. You can receive your credit directly via e-mail, after which you can top up your credit immediately. We offer you CASHlib cards in the following amounts

  1. CASHlib £5
  2. CASHlib £10
  3. CASHlib £20
  4. CASHlib £50
  5. CASHlib £100
  6. CASHlib £200

What can I use my CASHlib voucher for?

If you want to redeem your CASHlib product, you can do so at various online shops. You can then use your CASHlib to complete online payments for digital products when shopping online.
CASHlib makes a distinction between categories so that you always find the right products:

  • Gaming: Are you a real gamer? Then you can use your CASHlib voucher to play the best games at, among others, Gratorama and Vegas Casino. Take advantage of all the nice extras and bonuses!
  • E-commerce: But why not redeem your CASHlib code at large webshops such as Media Markt, Saturn and Makro? This is of course also possible.
  • Money matters: It gets even better, because you can also buy Bitcoins with your CASHlib code!

You can find a complete overview of where you can redeem your CASHlib voucher on the CASHlib website.

How does it work to redeem a CASHlib voucher?

You can easily pay step by step with an online prepaid credit card. You can redeem your CASHlib code as described:

  1. Go to the web shop where you want to buy something
  2. Is your shopping basket full? Then choose CASHlib as your payment method
  3. Enter the 16-digit code you received, the credit will be deducted immediately:
    It is electronic money, so you no longer need a credit or debit card. The code you receive is like your PIN code, so keep it safe and carefully.
  4. Multiple CASHlib vouchers can be used for one payment, up to a maximum of £1000 per transaction.
  5. No recurring payments can be made without authorisation.
  6. The payment is made immediately and you can choose the amount you pay with CASHlib.

How can I check my CASHlib balance?

Do you want to know the amount of your remaining balance? To be able to check your CASHlib balance, you need to go through a number of steps. See the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the serial number, the code, expiry date and your email address
  3. Click on ‘SUBMIT
  4. You see the credit left on your CASHlib voucher

How long is my CASHlib voucher valid?

The CASHlib credit is valid for 12 months, so you don’t have to use your CASHlib code immediately. Do you not remember exactly when you bought your online prepaid credit card? The ‘use by’ date is easily found on your CASHlib voucher. So it is very easy to check whether your CASHlib code is valid and until when.

What are the contact details of the CASHlib customer service?

Do you have a question that is not answered on this page? Then please contact the CASHlib customer service. You can do this easily in the following way:
If you want to contact the CASHlib customer service, you can find a contact form here.

I have been asked to buy a CASHlib code here. Is this normal?

Have you been called by a supplier? Did you get an unexpected verification email? Did you order or sell something online?
If you are here because someone you don’t know asked you to buy this code, we advise you to be vigilant. Online fraudsters often pretend to be individuals or trusted organisations. Unfortunately, we cannot help you if they get hold of your code. In most cases, a code will be activated immediately and we will not be able to refund it.


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